Justice Clarence Thomas and Donald Trump

The dissenting opinion by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Degraffenreid should send chills running down our collective spine. The Court denied a petition for certiorari seeking its review of a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that allowed mail-in ballots in November’s presidential election arriving up to three days late to be counted because of pandemic-related postal delays.

Assault on the US Capitol, January 6, 2021

The events in Washington, DC on January 6th left no doubt that the rise of Christian nationalism is a threat to democracy and therefore a threat to the standing of the Christian church in the United States. Protecting that standing requires that Christians who embrace religious pluralism and respect the United States Constitution erect a firewall between themselves and Christian nationalists.

A bright line must be drawn between Christian congregations in this country that support religious pluralism and renounce authoritarianism, and those that do not. If that means a schism on the scale of the Protestant Reformation, so be it…

Senator Josh Hawley and President Donald Trump

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley took an oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and to “bear true faith and allegiance” to the Constitution. Hawley, a graduate of Yale Law School, is well aware that his planned action to try to block the formal certification by Congress of the election of Joe Biden as president on January 6th has no basis in law or in fact.

Hawley’s attempt to persuade Congress to eschew its limited role under the Constitution by disregarding both the state certification of election results…

Sometime on or before January 20, 2020, Donald Trump will leave the White House and fly to Florida, where he will live in internal exile at Mar-a-Lago as the self-described wrongfully deposed president of the United States awaiting his rightful and triumphant restoration to the office that was stolen from him. He will wage a war of words on both the substance and legitimacy of the Biden presidency without regard to whether his efforts to undermine the Biden presidency also will damage this country beyond repair.

Trump will use the money that he has amassed in his Save America PAC…

Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch

Donald Trump was encouraged by language in an opinion written by Justice Neil Gorsuch to believe that GOP-controlled state legislatures in battleground states could deliver the election to him despite the results of the popular vote in those states. It is only the resounding victory by Joe Biden that appears to have put that constitutional crisis behind us.

In my opinion, there remains the possibility of a coup d’état, and cataclysmic civil disorder resulting from that coup, in our immediate future. Although the likelihood is rapidly diminishing, we should not pretend that the possibility does not exist.

The scheme should…

The “Right-Wing Four” on the Supreme Court are threatening what an eminent legal scholar calls a “post-election coup” by suppressing votes for the purpose of delivering the presidential election to Donald Trump. The consequences of such a coup would include civil disorder that quickly could escalate out of control.

I am going to add my two cents to the comments made by Professor Lawrence Tribe of Harvard Law School and political scientist Steven Mazie in an op-ed in the Boston Globe captioned “Conservative Supreme Court justices are threatening a post-election coup.” …

America’s oligarchs have made remarkable progress in the past 40 years in tilting the economic and regulatory playing fields in their favor and against the interests of the middle and working classes. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse accurately described how those oligarchs are using “dark money” to cement those by gains through a carefully-selected federal judiciary that will resist attempts by a more enlightened federal government to restrain an economic system that is out of control.


Wow, did the presentation by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island) on the influence of “dark money” on judicial nominations during the hearing before the Senate…

The obscenity that is the United States health care “system” was on full display on Saturday. The White House showcased the gold-plated health care available to President Donald Trump, whose Solicitor General will argue to the Supreme Court next month that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) should be struck down. Trump is taking advantage of the best health care in the world free of charge while his administration is seeking to deprive 20 million Americans of their basic health care insurance coverage.

There could not be a more stunning indictment of the health care inequities in this country than the…

The media have failed to report the real story of the 2020 presidential campaign. What is it about “meaningful context” that journalists do not get?

One of the guiding principles of journalism is that a story cannot fairly and accurately be reported without placing it in its proper context. As described by the American Press Institute, the goal of journalism is to promote good decision-making by putting “reliable, accurate facts. . . in a meaningful context.”

The problem is that, with precious few exceptions, the media fail to understand that the “meaningful context” of this year’s presidential election is not…

Polls indicate that the overwhelming majority of evangelical Christians support Donald Trump’s bid for reelection. What will be the consequences for evangelicals now that Donald Trump has shown his willingness to sacrifice the lives of Americans in his quest to win in November?

Bob Woodward of the Washington Post disclosed in his new book that Trump told him that as early as the end of January he was aware of the gravity of the threat from COVID-19 but deliberately played it down to the public. …

David Plymyer

Retired lawyer, former prosecutor, former social worker, Army vet — former lots of things. Commentary published in Washington Post, Baltimore Sun and elsewhere.

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