Hell hath no fury like a malignant narcissist scorned: Trump’s plan upon leaving office is to sabotage the Biden presidency and destroy American democracy in the process

This is not about politics or money — it is about psychopathology

Once again journalists and political pundits largely have missed the boat about what Trump is up to, with most describing Trump’s post-election fundraising as just another grift in which Trump is conning his supporters out of their money. There is some of that, but Trump has bigger and more sinister plans in mind for which he needs the money he is raising. The name of his PAC is ironic because he does not want to “save” America, he wants to destroy it.

Trump’s Nero Decree

Demolitions on Reich Territory Decree, commonly known as the Nero Decree

Trump’s core supporters will remain loyal and join his crusade to “save America”

Mitigating the harm

Trump’s post-election campaign of fomenting unrest would do less damage if it were disavowed by other Republicans and relegated to the status of a third-party, white nationalist movement. Given the state of the GOP, that is unlikely to happen. It is more likely that GOP leaders will continue to recognize Trump as the de facto head of the Republican party, with many even unwilling to antagonize Trump or his followers by publicly refuting his stolen election claim. In other words, they will lend legitimacy to his efforts to undermine democracy.



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David Plymyer

David Plymyer

Retired lawyer, former social worker, Army vet — former lots of things. Now a part-time writer, published in Washington Post, Baltimore Sun and elsewhere.