The dire consequences of the “coup” threatened by Supreme Court justices — America on the brink

The Right-Wing Four have threatened a coup; an insurrection may be the result

Tribe and Mazie call the position taken by the Right-Wing Four “frightening.” I would also describe it as arrogant, partisan, and anti-democratic, and part of the efforts by Republicans to suppress the vote and steal the election from Democrats. It cannot be allowed to stand, no matter what it takes to stop it. It would be, as the authors state, nothing less than a judicially-sanctioned coup.

A line in the sand that the federal judiciary crosses at its peril

The matters in litigation fall into two general categories of measures taken by state election officials. The first involves procedures such as ballot drop boxes and “curbside” drive-through voting introduced by state election officials in light of two unanticipated contingencies: The COVID-19 pandemic and the collapse in the efficiency of the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Judicial decisions have consequences, and some of them are personal

If, after the election, the American public gets the slightest whiff of the type of coup attempt described by Tribe and Mazie, there will without any doubt be civil disorder and riots. How bad things get on the streets will depend on how far federal judges, and especially the Supreme Court, are willing to go to return Donald Trump to the White House.



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